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If there is (as is often said) a narrative dimension to art, then for Jill clearly the medium of collage and decoupage is a bold and intriguing mixture of stories, themes, and time. Her work brings together colour, form, and story in an often startling way to depict something quite fresh, surprising, and perhaps ironic. In her recent work, classical antiquity, natural history, and the Baroque conspire to create surrealistic visions. But an artist's work also whispers something of the artist's own story.

Jill Barnes-Dacey

Jill Barnes-Dacey’s work is intrinsically inspired by the art and architecture of the world, incorporating centuries of images onto glass and other surfaces to produce extraordinary works of decoupage art.

Jill recently moved from Rome and the South of France to Berlin, Germany, where she has a studio creating both her decoupage on glass as well as collage on paper. Born in Connecticut, Jill began her studies in art in England, which led to the Hotech School of Design in Rome and an enduring fascination with Renaissance Art. Jill returned to London to complete her formal training at the New Academy for Art Studies before setting out as an artist with successful exhibitions in Munich, Monte Carlo, Rome, Nice, London and the United States.

Jill undertakes commission work, including large-scale mirrors, murals, bowls, plates, vases, paperweights, trays, lamps and many more.


  • Alexandra van Nispen (25/01/2018)

    I had the most wonderful 5 day workshop with Jill in Berlin. Not only does Jill teach you her years of knowledge on the technique side of decoupage she also really wants you to think about your piece and make well thought out choices on what you will glue on your piece so that you end up with an interesting and unique object versus a something banal. I find that that makes the difference between a good teacher and a great one! She is super well equipped with an amazing collection of themes, colours and patterns. She’s very good at spotting your strong points and equally the parts where you need to focus on – that’s important too for when you go back home and are on your own! And last but not least, next to all the artistic qualities Jill has she is a lovely person to spend all these hours with!! Thanks ever so much and I will definitely come back for a follow up.
  • Tania Ritchie (25/01/2018)

    I was very fortunate to discover by chance Jill and her decoupage courses. I arrived in Rome not quite sure what to expect but for 5 days I entered into a whole new world of art and creativity. I learnt the art of decoupage and have enjoyed hours of working and creating since then on my own. Jill is an amazing teacher. Jill is also an outstanding artist in her own right and her work is very inspirational and one that she very willingly shares with you. I have taken 2 courses with her. One 5 day course and the second time for 3 days. I am looking forward to going back one day soon and spend more time learning and working with her. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in decoupage at all levels.
  • Robin Goebel (25/01/2018)

    I had the good fortune to attend the most incredible J.B.D. decoupage workshop. It exceeded my expectations. I came home with a head full of steps, techniques, design ideas and 2 pieces I am proud to show off! She is an accomplished artist and skilled teacher. She patiently works you through each step, guiding you, but allowing you to make the piece your own. Jill provides a vast selection of beautiful images and an amazing selection of papers. For the past 25 years I have subscribed to Architectural Digest. In the September 2016 issue, in which Jill was the featured artist, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her decoupage work. The pieces shown in the article were exciting and really beautiful. I learned so much from Jill and am excited to decoupage at home. I feel very lucky to have learned from such a master.
  • Luci Solinsky (19/01/2018)

    After a five year correspondence with Jill I finally attended her workshop in Berlin. I must say it was one of the highlights of my artistic life and career. From our correspondence I could tell what a kind, patient and competent teacher she would be. I was privileged to have a one on one intensive experience that has enabled me to expand to a new level in my work. I have been involved doing collage and decoupage on glass for 10 years here in the USA. I was looking for a new method to enhance my work. Jill with her knowledge, background and creativity taught me so much in the space of one week that I was amazed. I have had many teachers in my life, but not all gave so much, to me, her student. I highly recommend her workshop to both beginners and advanced students who are looking for career development. She prepares her students to go forward and take their work to the next level.
  • Barbara Dilanciano (13/01/2018)

    Jill’s class in New York was the most intense, creative, inspiring exciting, 5 days that I can recall experiencing. Thumbing through Architectural Digest, a spread on Jill and her beautiful art leaped off the page at me. I was enthralled, especially with her passion for her work and generosity in sharing her technique. Starting the class I was a bit nervous since I’d never worked in the paper arts, collage nor decoupage – but within the hour we were at ease and excited. She has a talent for sensing what each of us needed to encourage us, to explore and guide us – without choosing for us – – to be brave in approaching the project without a set pattern in mind – – letting it be serendipitous. AND she fulfilled her commitment to her students – sharing her love for the art form, and leaving class with a strong working knowledge and skill-set. I went home with 2 beautiful pieces that I’m proud of, and the ability to continue at home with the skills Jill taught.
  • Leslie Winn (10/01/2018)

    I am grateful to have participated in Jill’s New York workshop this past December. Decoupage under glass has always intimidated me. My projects would end in defeat against the air bubbles and shinies. This workshop helped to dispel my frustrations. Jill helped me develop new techniques and gain confidence in expanding my abilities. She seemed to never find a creative block that she could not topple! She taught on a level that was valuable to those of us familiar with decoupage while intuitively guiding those students who were new to the art. No one was bored or left behind! It was an awakening for all of the Creative Spirits! I learned so much from her about design and concept, and — it was FASCINATING to watch her with the scissors! I highly recommend spending time with this witty, imaginative Master.
  • Viveca Moller (03/01/2018)

    For me attending one of Jill’s classes was very inspiring. Jill is the perfect teacher. She helps you without imposing and if you are stuck she can get you out of your misery. Jill is that wonderful combination of an inspired artist, coupled with a love of teaching. Her sheer generosity is truly overwhelming and we all learnt a lot while having fun. For me the seminar was mindblowing as Jill got me started in a new direction from which I developed my own unique technique.
  • Wendy Paget (03/01/2018)

    I found an article about Jill while looking through magazines at the library and was thrilled to discover that she offered classes for serious students (serious means you want to learn her technique and are willing to put the necessary effort into doing so). I often make collages on paper and found that doing them on glass was a whole new experience. Yes it was hard, yes I had to put in heaps of effort, but having Jill there to teach/guide me took me to a whole new level. Together we made a plate, tea light and vase but they would not have turned out so spectacular without her help, advice and input. It was a great five days and well spent.
  • Hannah Martin (31/12/2017)

    I was thrilled to be able to attend one of Jill’s decoupage workshops in New York City. An extremely thorough teacher, Jill not only instructs students in the nuances of her detail-driven decoupage technique, but guides them through image selection (she brings a bounty of pictures culled from antique books and decorative arts magazines) and design choices. Like the best teachers, Jill challenges each of her students to create—and finish—works that they will be truly proud of.
  • Julie Gulkis (20/12/2017)

    I’ve been a huge fan of Jill and her work for a number of years and was thrilled upon hearing she would be offering a workshop in NYC. I immediately jumped on this opportunity. The workshop was intense but far exceeded my expectations. Jill’s work is exquisite and she was very open and willing to share her techniques to create such beautiful works of art. Having spent most of my career in a business environment, very little of my time was in the creative arts world. Jill was extremely patient with me and very encouraging. She has given me the confidence to begin creating pieces on my own. If you have the opportunity to enroll in one of her workshops, I encourage you to do so. Jill is kind, funny, energetic, inspiring and probably one of the most talented artists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.
  • Kathleen Birnbaum (20/12/2017)

    The unparalleled distinctiveness of Jill’s approach toward fusing inspirational concepts with artistic technique is a joy to experience. The five day class was an intense and informative eye opener unveiling the secrets beneath the transparent world of decoupage allowing me to incorporate new concepts and styles into my work. A devoted teacher with the ability and patience to effortlessly communicate her expertise . . . she left me with a feeling of accomplishment that truly surprised!
  • Elizabeth Hoffman (19/12/2017)

    I spent 5 days in New York City learning from Jill and I can honestly say it was the most creative and energizing week in my life! Jill is generous with her talent and her time. She guides you in all the steps and intricate details of decoupage, but is careful to let you discover your own style. I would highly recommend taking one of her workshops!
  • Simon (19/12/2017)

    I took a 5 day workshop in New York and I had a really good time with Jill. We learned all about the techniques and papers she uses. She purchases her paper directly in Paris and I was able to create my own at home. She was very inspiring, patient and kind. Thank you jill!
  • Melinda Shea (July, 2019)

    Taking your class changed my life, and please know I am not using hyperbole in this expression. Learning with you opened a whole new world for me.
  • Lisa Burgett (May 2019)

    Jill is extraordinarily talented and knowledgeable and generously shares her sophisticated understanding of technique, design, and imagery while actively helping her students to complete projects that are visually arresting and beautiful. Additionally, she is a wonderfully patient, fun and gentle teacher which inspires all to strive harder and keep working, both in and beyond the course!


The New York Times

The New York Times

“A Master Artisan, with a jeweler’s feel for color harmonics … highly distinctive … a technical and artistic tour de force.”
Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

We came across Barnes-Dacey’s intricate decoupage work at the buzzy Ancien and Moderne popup shop on rue Guénégaud. The designer—who splits her time between the UK and Italy—creates surrealistic vases, bowls, and plates covered with cut-out imagery of architecture, nature, and textile motifs. VIEW ARTICLE
A Regular Irregular Blog

A Regular Irregular Blog

…Within the apparently limited terrain of glass forms (bowls, vases, dishes, plates, trays, glasses), Jill moves from surface to surface with an Escher-like flow, allowing the unity of her colors and images, and her inventive spatial sense, to link discordant artistic cuttings—from Baroque to Romantic to Surreal or even avant-garde, then back again—as the object is picked up or a viewer moves around it. VIEW BLOG